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Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

Wouldn’t it be great if we could click our heels together and presto, we’d have instant positive self talk and confidence. Ah, if only…

I remember when my daughter was a little girl. She was obsessed with the movie the Wizard of Oz. For several weeks in a row we’d go down to the Museum of American History, second floor, pop culture section. She would stand there just staring at Dorothy’s shoes and clicking her own heels together. The focus then was on the red shoes and how cute Toto was. As my kids grew up they learned the real message in the movie...having the faith to believe in yourself. And naturally, confidence followed.

It has been many years since we watched the movie together and at holiday time we did just that. Our conversation was not about the red shoes, it was about the message in the Wizard of Oz. My daughter remembered that point in the movie where Glenda, the good witch, said to Dorothy “You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along.”

Recharge Your Battery

What would it feel like to wake up excited and go to sleep fulfilled? Does it sound like a way you would like to live your life? It does for me! And I don’t mean in a “Pollyanna” way or walking around with a smile on my face all the time.

What I have noticed and heard from friends, colleagues and clients is that the lofty goals they set for themselves in 2012 are beginning to fade…as they usually do in the first quarter of the year.

I want to take a stand for you! Recharge your battery if it’s beginning to run low from the hustle and bustle.  

I am vigilant about practicing my positive self-talk strategies and resiliency techniques and tips.  I take good care of myself by eating healthy, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and practicing breathing techniques that physiologically ground a person throughout the day. If you are doing any of these you are headed in the right direction. If not, begin now. Be vigilant with your health.

Is Social Networking Social Suicide?

Is Social Networking Social Suicide?

Social networking has been and still is a big part of our lives. For some of us, it's our whole lives.

But, it can ruin your life before the blink of an eye and put you to shame. I’ve always said that Facebook should come with a sign that says: “handle with care.” Every time I tell someone that, I get the same reaction: the silent smile, the nod and shaking of the head at the same time. How tragic.

Facebook was invented in 2004 and has 845 million active users with different opinions, different personalities from different locations. That’s what makes it so fun, so mysterious and makes it so easy to find friends that you didn’t even know you had.

Who needs them? Nobody knows, but what we do know is that 5000 friends on Facebook makes you cool. How tragic.

Do You Want To Be Inspired?

Do You Want To Be Inspired?

Who comes to mind when you think of people who are resilient? I believe we think they are people who have “superpowers” or are legends. The truth is they are ordinary people like you and me doing extraordinary things. Some are people who are dealing with significant health issues. Other people use their strengths and positive attitudes each day to handle difficult situations such as a job loss, living in a turbulent economy, life or career transition, or loss of a loved one.  Others set specific goals they want to accomplish. They want to take their life to the next level to reach a deeper meaning and purpose.

One person that comes to mind for me is Randy Pausch, the teacher from Carnegie Melon who passed away several years ago from pancreatic cancer. At the time of his famous “Last Lecture”, Pausch was given three to six months to live. Pausch's speech "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams," was as upbeat, inspirational and resilient as the man himself.

Stress, Press, Human's Are A Mess!

Stress, Press, Human's Are A Mess!

Stop for a while and just close your eyes and think about the last time you actually listened to your heartbeats, when was that?

We are so badly stressed in this country that I sometimes feel anxiety over waiting for the elevator when it takes an extra 30 seconds to come up to my floor.

I remember back in Sweden when I used to love sitting in traffic jams because I had the time to put my favorite CD on and enjoy my cup of coffee with my favorite songs in the background.

I loved sitting in my cab and peeping in to other people’s car windows and watching them as they turn all red and upset because of the traffic.

WUSA9 Caption Contest Winner, Charlene Woods "Those guys look a lot bigger from down here."

WUSA9 Caption Contest Winner, Charlene Woods "Those guys look a lot bigger from down here."

Congratulations to the winner of our Facebook Photo Caption Contest, Charlene Woods. Did you watch the Super Bowl?

This photo (provided by US Presswire) is of NY Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw running for a touchdown with :57 left on the clock.

The theory is that the New England Patriot allowed the Giants to score the touchdown, so they could get the ball back with one timeout and enough time to make a final drive. The Giants ended up winning Super Bowl XLVI 21-17.

See PHOTOS from the Super Bowl.