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Obama Stumps For Democrats In Prince George's | News

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Obama Stumps For Democrats In Prince George's

BOWIE, Md. (WUSA) -- President Obama: asset or liability for Democratic candidates?

In Maryland, the answer for nearly every politician seems to be "big time asset."

The President spent the afternoon stumping for Governor O'Malley and all but one member of the state Democratic slate at Bowie State University. 

There are a lot of Democrats around the country who are holding the President at arm's length, worried his sagging poll numbers will drag them down. But not in Maryland.

The latest poll suggests Governor Martin O'Malley is 11 points ahead in his rematch with former Governor Bob Ehrlich. The rally at Bowie State was designed to convince hard-core Democrats that even if they seem to be ahead, they still need to get out and vote on November 2.

O'Malley has embraced the President and argued that he fails to get credit for his accomplishments. O'Malley told a shoulder to shoulder crowd that Maryland is different than states where Republicans have won. "They can take New Jersey, they can take Virginia, but they can't take Maryland, because Maryland moves forward."

The President says if all the people who voted in 2008 get out to the polls in 2010, the Democrats will win.

But if you ask enough people in crowd, you'll find some who will admit they are less fired up now. Justin Wright of Upper Marlboro says he was much more excited when Obama was on the ballot. But after listening to the President, he said he and his friends would get out to vote, and vote for the Democrats.

One conspicuous no-show: First-term Democratic congressman Frank Kratovil from the Eastern Shore, who's locked in a very tight race in a far more conservative area than here in Prince George's County. His spokesman says Kratovil had a full schedule in the District, and didn't have time to make it to the rally.

Written by Bruce Leshan
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